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Parker Investigations specializes in multiple investigations and surveillance in which we provide customized solutions and action plans tailored to the specific needs of each client on every case or claim. While many companies take the “Cookie Cutter” approach plan, we know that each case is different from the one before it. We are focused on the fact that every case has a specific need and its own unique sensitivities. We will work with you to develop an individual case plan for each assignment so the most positive result can be quickly obtained.

Parker Investigations was founded by, Joseph Parker. Mr. Parker has extensive police, security, insurance and claims handling experience. He attended ACC and VCU where he studied Criminal Justice. Through his career he has dealt with a multitude of people varying in behaviors, education and demographics. He has worked as a security guard in uniform and plain clothes in Sands Casino, Atlantic City.

Parker was a police officer for Sea Isle City and Chesterfield County Police Departments where he began on foot patrol, before being promoted to squad. He worked hundreds of accidents, conducted interrogations, interviews and negotiations. Parker also conducted back ground investigations and interviews for Fire Fighter applicants. He then became an outside claims adjuster for Crawford and Company where he handled scene investigations, on scene truck wreck fatalities, cargo loss claims, mediations, property liability exposures, wellness checks, settlement negotiations, arbitrations and many others facets of an adjuster. Parker then became a Multi-line Insurance agent with Farm Bureau where he furthered his knowledge of the insurance industry, policies, coverages and liability exposures. His extensive experience in investigations, insurance and communication have been a proven asset to his clients and their needs.

At Parker Investigations you do not have to worry about us disappearing and being out of contact during the handling of your assignment. At the initial review of each case we will set an approximate time line for the handling of your assignment. Once activity on the assignment begins we will give you daily progress updates while the case is being investigated.

Our investigations and surveillance are not conducted solely from a van or with our investigators simply in a vehicle watching, waiting and hoping for activity. Our investigators are proficient at blending in and adapting as dictated by a location and the people in it. Our investigators will approach, blend in and record from foot, concealment or while right next to a subject. In some cases they have been concealed lying in the woods. At Parker Investigations our investigators will travel through all weather and terrain when legally possible to obtain what is needed on a case. This additional and required effort increases the opportunity for a successful investigation and a positive result for our clients. Simply sitting in a vehicle with binoculars is Not acceptable.

If you are looking for an Investigating Company with morals and a business plan based on integrity, honesty and reliability please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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