Licensed Private Investigative Agency Parker Investigations  


Parker Investigations is available to be ‘On Call’ for commercial trucking accidents. We will respond to the accident scene while the insured driver is there and the vehicles have not been moved.

A quick response On Scene to meet with the insured driver, obtain a statement and manage his/her discussions with others in reference to the accident is pertinent in a commercial loss.

We will identify claimants and obtain on scene statements when available. Our investigator will conduct a scene assessment that includes line of sight, insured’s point of view/ view of travel, measurements, impacts points and details of the collision. We will contact the client from the scene for immediate Fault Determination, additional Liability exposure and Reserve setting based on injuries, property damage, clean up, and cargo loss.

We will also transport the insured driver to another vehicle or hotel as decided by the client.

Aside from our on scene response we also handle limited assignments after a loss. A few are: cargo loss count, spilled goods, vehicle photographing, scene documentation, tow yard response and more. Please contact us with your commercials accidents needs.


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