Licensed Private Investigative Agency Parker Investigations  


Parker Investigations "Executive and Personal Protection Service" offers the experience and professionalism that allows your management and executives to concentrate on their business while we concentrate on their safety and security.

We understand that clients require personal protection that does not impede on their business activities or lifestyle.

We will design our protection plan to your needs, schedule, and lifestyle with a full range of professional and personal services designed to minimize your risk while we maximize protection.

We take the time and effort to balance your safety and freedom of movement in your specifically designed protection plan. We customize your plan to establish an optimal level of security at work, home and while traveling.


  • Parker Agents are former law enforcement officers and military personnel experienced in executive and personal protection
  • Parker Agents have superior communication skills and will provide professional discreet service
  • Parker Agents will dress as needed for each individual assignment as predetermined in the Specific Protection Plan

Parker Investigations provides multiple service details of protection from executive protection of a CEO or political figure to a celebrity performing. Protection has also been completed for individuals on personal matters. Please contact us to discuss your needs or ask any questions.


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