Licensed Private Investigative Agency Parker Investigations  


We handle full and partial AOE/COE investigations. Arising out of Employment Course of Employment.

Work place related injuries and claims can have a significant effect on a company and its insurance ratings and cost thousands in medical and lost wages. These are very specific claims that require detailed investigations at each point of handling from the injury itself, work place liability, employer negligence and employee contribution along with where and how an injury actually occurred.

We will respond to the employment location to conduct an on-site inspection and evaluate the working environment where the loss occurred to determine liability exposure, the cause of loss, risk for future injury, interview supervisors and coworkers. Complete a report to document the scene and claimed cause/mechanism of the employees injury.

We can conduct surveillance of the employee and his/her actions out of work as related to the injury and any claimed disability and life restrictions. Video documentation in these cases is pertinent and can assist with validation of an injury or provide proof of a fraudulent claim. Multiple WC claims have been withdrawn due to good video evidence and many have led to prosecution for insurance fraud against an employer.


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